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R&R Machine Works: Helping Feed the World

R&R Machine Works has recently traveled to Honduras to install a 24 x 56 Flaker Mill & Steam Chest complete with RR2000 Automation and Grain Analyzer and, a Grain Cleaner!

At the Del Corral feed yard, onsite training on all the new equipment and automation was provided by Efren, an R&R employee.

R&R was involved from design to installation and the start-up of the equipment. The president of Honduras will be visiting the location because of its importance in helping feed his country.

R&R Machine Works is proud to be a part of this momentous project to help feed the world!

Steamed corn on a conveyor belt and Flaked Corn being stacked in a pile
Steamed and Flaked Corn

Picture of a white cow in a feed lot with the Del Corral Sign and R&R Machine Works Logo
Our Best Ingredient is Quality!

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