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R&R Grain Cleaner

R & R Machine Works equipment is known worldwide. R & R Machine Works has perfected the process of grain cleaning. With outstanding efficiency, our cleaners remove fines and oversized particles by means of precision screening. R & R Machine Works moves grain gently through a rotary system of screens to economically remove any foreign material. 


Cleaning is thorough, and handling is gentle because of the unique rotary screen/auger design. As the drum rotates, three processes occur. First, the grain moves the length of the drum to the discharge end. Second, it moves laterally across the diameter of the drum. Third, it is constantly stirred so the grain passes over the screen repeatedly while it is moving directionally. Trash and fines are thoroughly removed from the grain with the fines being separated from larger screenings and grain and are deposited in separate chutes.


The R & R Machine Works grain cleaner can be installed anywhere since it is a non-vibrating cleaner. R & R Machine Works utilizes the highest quality materials and workmanship and each cleaner is fully enclosed to allow for dust control and weatherproofing.


Whether it is for a feedlot, an independent processor, or production oriented grain elevator/terminal, the R & R Machine Works grain cleaner provides a safe and effective means of cleaning.



  • Proven Design – multiple screens for fines removal and scalping

  • Precision feed control

  • Cleans efficiently at less cost

  • Heavy-duty, all-steel construction with aluminum access covers

  • Easy access for maintenance and screen replacement

  • 36-inch diameter screen/auger cleaning surface

  • Multiple options of screen sizes for specific grains

  • Variable rotation speeds for optimum cleaning production

  • High impact surfaces are covered with UHMW polyethylene to prolong the life of the system

  • Reduces costly dockages for foreign material (broken kernels, dirt, and dust) in the grain mass

  • Reduces downtime due to damage of flaking and rolling equipment from foreign materials entering the process

Download a pdf of our catalog here.

Starting at 30 Tons Per Hour Capacity

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