Customized One to Seven: 12' x 52" Mill Units


To make money feeding animals, you need to have good feed utilization and efficiency in operations and that is why Kan-Roll Roller Mills are the perfect solution for any high-volume feeding operation. 


You choose the desired roll in feed rations, and R&R Machine Works manufactures Kan-Roll Roller Mills keeping labor costs to a minimum. We use high-quality, extra heavy-duty parts.


Not only does Kan-Roll give you the best, consistently cracked grains, but they are also high efficiency.


We get the job done quickly for two reasons. 


  1. Kan-Roll is built for trouble-free operation. Ask someone who owns one. They'll tell you Kan-Roll Mills are very low maintenance. "Built to work, not work on!"

  2. We utilize the best technology available for processing feed grains. Kan-Roll Mills are made with 12" x 52" chill casted rolls and corrugated in a spiral cut.

The efficient high-volume,
low maintenance roller mills!
  • All units have slots for side boards to increase hopper capacity.

  • One-two unit 12" x 52" roller mills are mounted on three axles.

  • Three-seven unit 12" x 52” roller mills are mounted on four axles.

  • All portable units have built-in leveling jacks.

  • Feed control is adjusted with a hand lever at the bottom of each hopper.

  • High power magnets trap junk metal keeping it out of the mill and rations.

  • Roll hoppers have a screen top to deflect large objects.

  • No motors which mean less maintenance. We use extra heavy-duty gear boxes that are CNC machined.

  • All mills are made with manufactured cast build specific R&R parts.

  • Each mill unit has its own roll clearance control lever. Quick adjustments can be made with this lever. The clearance is also adjusted at the front and back of each roller.

  • A special sprayer can be installed to add additional moisture as the grain leaves the conveyor. By using the sprayer, dust can be held down in dry corn or other grains, and the moisture level can be balanced in high-moisture grain.

  • Power requirements: Each mill requires an estimated 100 HP of power.

  • One-two unit mills can be PTO driven and three-seven can be motor driven.


Kan Roll Mill

Kan Roll Mill

Kan Roll Mill



Kan Roll rollers

Side view

Side view

Side view of Kan Roll

Kan Roll at R&R

Kan Roll at R&R

Kan roll grain mill

Kan Roll Side

Kan Roll Side

Kan Roll is heavy duty

Kan Roll grain processing

Kan Roll grain processing

Kan Roll grain processor

Kan Roll mills

Kan Roll mills

Kan Roll multiple mill capacity

Milling Grain

Milling Grain

Kan Roll milling grain

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Kan-Roll High Moisture Roller Mill

Proven advantages of rolled high-moisture grain
  • Eliminates the cost of artificial drying.

  • High-moisture corn can be harvested two to three weeks earlier than corn harvested for dry storage.

  • Decreases field loss by 3% - 8% compared to dry storage.

  • Greater potential for use of the remaining residue.

  • Improves feeding efficiency. The cost per pound of weight gain is lower when rolled high-moisture corn is included.

  • It is more economical to purchase corn early before field loss occurs.

  • Kan-Roll Mills provide higher volume for less labor. They handle 2,500-3,800 bushels of high moisture corn per hour, per mill, with approximately 1% whole grain and 3% fines.


The cost of milling will depend on many factors; moisture content, keeping the hopper full, the condition of the rolls and keeping foreign objects out of the mill.  Generally, the cost will be about 1/4 of a cent per bushel, using 60 cents per gallon for the cost of fuel. It will require roughly 2 1/2 gallons of diesel fuel for each 1,000 bushels of grain.

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