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Flaker Mills

Easy to adjust and maintain,
R&R Flaker Mills are built to last! 

24x56 Flaker Mill

Most commonly used for Feed Mills & Large Feedyards processing large capacities and/or multiple grains.  Built to last with durable metals & stainless steel. Can be designed with complete automation.

22 tons/hr — Milo

30 tons/hr — Corn

32 tons/hr — Wheat

24x48 Flaker Mill

Industry Leading & Most Common. Automation is used to reduce cost and improve efficiency of the use of man power and utilities.

19 tons/hr — Milo

24 tons/hr — Corn

26 tons/hr — Wheat

20x36 Flaker Mill

Our new mill. It gets upwards of 4 tons per hour more than the old standard 18 x 36 mills. Extremely conventional and economically designed using dual motors to lower your expenses even more.

10 tons/hr — Milo

14 tons/hr — Corn

16 tons/hr— Wheat

18 x 36 Flaker Mill

We still offer this workhorse of the industry. These mills are great for smaller yards or feed mills.

7 tons/hr — Milo

10 tons/hr — Corn

14 tons/hr— Wheat

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R&R can add Automation to your R&R Flaker Mill!

Download a pdf of our catalog here.

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