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Quality Counts!

R&R carefully selects many high-quality materials to use in manufacturing steam chests. Maintaining quality allows for a long lasting product that will withstand all high-moisture environments.


  • Round chest to aid in the continuous flow of large amounts of grain.

  • Large distributors with steam tubes located inside of the chest, provides consistent, even cook.

  • Non-corrosive, strong, curved stainless steel flanged sections for easy installation.

  • Durable & accessible service doors.

  • Complete stainless steel chest.

  • Stainless steel outer protective skin.

  • All insulated plumbing, to conserve energy & provide safety.

  • Water repellent improved rigid insulation with higher density.


Supporting your Steam Chest

Supporting your chest is critical. Making the wrong decision could cause the chest to slightly drop and create a great amount of stress on your mill machine. R&R provides you the highest quality and craftsmanship and support you can count on!



  • Available to locate anywhere on the chest to suit your existing structure.

  • Helps support your chest to reduce movement due to heat expansion.

  • Supporting chest from the bottom also reduces stress on the mill.

Steam Chest

Steam Chest

steam chest

R&R steam chest

R&R steam chest

steam chest at R&R

Stainless steel steam chest

Stainless steel steam chest

stainless steel

R&R Steam Chest

R&R Steam Chest

Our steam chests are built to last

Download a pdf of our catalog here.

R&R Steam Loop & Options

Download Printable PDF

Complete Steam Loop

Increase energy efficiency using R&R'S complete steam valve assembly on your steam chest!

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