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Cracker Mills to Fit Your Needs

Cracker mill

R & R Cracker Mills are easy to adjust and maintain. Built to last a lifetime, they are sturdy enough for daily use at feed yards that require a high volume of cracked grain. All our mills are built from the same heavy-duty materials and can be custom built to suit your needs. From the small 10x20 mills to the industrial 12x52 mills and three-high grinders, R & R will provide you with the quality service and dependability to bring you the best equipment for your business.

Our facilities are designed for servicing your mills in the most efficient, productive and cost-effective manner. All machine work is done in-house under stringent guidelines and close supervision. We can also add automation to your cracker mills.

Our Cracker Mills create a consistent product with the microns you need.

Cracker Mill micron chart

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