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Clean Grain to Maximize Efficiency

The R & R Grain Cleaner is one of the newest additions to the R & R Family of Machines serving the animal feeding industry. Whether it is for a feedlot, an independent processor, or production-oriented grain elevator/terminal, the R & R Machine Works grain cleaner provides a safe and effective means of cleaning.

The R & R Grain Cleaner removes dust and insect fragments, which results in safer and more sanitary storage of grains. Dirty grain attracts insects and can harbor mycotoxins and mold growth. Cleaning grains lowers dockage levels for shipment of grains, increasing grain quality to reach higher market grades. Removing foreign material will also provide a more constant production output level by increasing air flow through the grain and reducing wear and tear on processing equipment.

The R&R Grain Cleaner Advantage:

  • Cleans 30 tons per hour.

  • Removes dirt, fines and grain scalping.

  • Variable Speeds.

  • Proven Design – multiple screens for fines removal and scalping.

  • Precision feed control.

  • Cleans efficiently at less cost.

  • Heavy-duty, all steel construction with aluminum access covers.

  • Easy access for maintenance and screen replacement.

  • 36-inch diameter screen/auger cleaning surface.

  • Multiple options of screen sizes for specific grains.

  • Variable rotation speeds for optimum cleaning production.

  • High impact surfaces are covered with UHMW polyethylene to prolong the life of the system.

  • Reduces costly dockages for foreign material (broken kernels, dirt and dust) in the grain mass.

  • Reduces downtime due to damage of flaking and rolling equipment from foreign materials entering the process.

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