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R & R Flaker Mill Advantages

Our flaker mills can be designed with complete automation, adding energy efficiency and nutrition precision, increasing output by 15% – 25%.

R&R 24x56 Flaker Mill

Flaker Mill Features:

  • Dual-Drive or Conventional-Drive Packages

  • R & R Adjustable Motor Mounts

  • Type-304 Stainless-Steel Roll Housing Covers

  • Type-304 Stainless-Steel Roll Housing Center Section

  • High-Quality Double-Row Spherical-Roller Main Bearings

  • Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Bearing Housings for optimal heat dissipation

  • Heavy Duty Square Block Housing for Precision Flake Weight Adjustments

  • Heavy-Duty Tension Springs and Hydraulic Accumulator Roll Protection'

  • Hydraulic Roll Open/Close System

  • Type-304 Stainless-Steel Peg Feeder with AC Variable-Speed Drives

  • Can Be Fully Automated

  • Leg Stands

  • Electronic Valves

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