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R&R Grain Cleaner

Clean 30 tons of grain with our new R&R Grain Cleaner! With variable speeds, you'll be able to remove dirt, fines and grain scalping quickly and efficiently. Learn more about it in our new catalog or call us today!

Cleaning is thorough, and handling is gentle because of the unique rotary screen/auger design. As the drum rotates, three processes occur. First, the grain moves the length of the drum to the discharge end. Second, it moves laterally across the diameter of the drum. Third, it is constantly stirred so the grain passes over the screen repeatedly while it is moving directionally. Trash and fines are thoroughly removed from the grain with the fines being separated from larger screenings and grain and are deposited in separate chutes.

The R & R Machine Works grain cleaner can be installed anywhere since it is a non-vibrating cleaner. R & R Machine Works utilizes highest quality materials and workmanship and each cleaner is fully enclosed to allow for dust control and weatherproofing.

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