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What makes R & R Machine Works Different?

R & R Machine Works, an employee owned and operated company, located in the heart of the cattle feeding industry, is known worldwide for our machine expertise. Established in 1976, R & R specializes in Roller Mill and Steam Chest Manufacturing, replacement parts, mill services, as well as Roll Grinding and Corrugation. R & R also provides Automation for our Flaker and Cracker Mills, as well as Steam Chests and is the only manufacturer of Kan-Roll Mills. Our professional attitude and reputation for dependability and quality service has made us a leader in the field of manufacturing roller mills, corrugating rolls, and providing complete service for all of your mill needs.

R & R Machine Works has parts and service from the bottom of roller cabinets to the top of the steam chest. We are located on 10 acres in Dalhart, TX. Our facility is equipped to service new equipment sales. Our state of the art equipment and highly trained personnel offer unmatched service and quality. Our facilities and equipment are designed for servicing rollers and mills in the most efficient, productive, and cost-effective manner.

Our manufacturing processes and craftsmanship will extend the life of your investment, enabling you to produce a higher quality, more consistent feed with less downtime and more savings. R & R Flaker Mills produce flakes from steam conditioned grains to maximize livestock feed conversion efficiency and are offered in various sizes to meet your needs. Designed for ease of operation and ease of maintenance, as well as roll replacement when the time comes.


All feed yard records of roll sizes, work completed and work in process are kept on computer file. Your equipment is labeled and stored in our shop. Inside storage prevents rust buildup on your rolls. All machine work is done in-house under stringent guidelines and close supervision. R & R is one of the few shops to have the ability to corrugate the smallest sizes of cracker rolls or up to a 24” x 56” roll!

We keep you Rolling!

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