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Quality Materials, Long Lasting

R & R’s specially designed stainless-steel round steam chests give you long-lasting performance with a minimum of maintenance. With over 40 years of manufacturing flaker mills and steam chests, R & R does not skimp on materials – using only the heaviest and most reliable materials to produce our equipment. Maintaining quality allows for a long-lasting product that will withstand all high-moisture environments.

Your steam chest can be custom built to suit your existing structure. Our custom supports reduce movement due to heat expansion and the bottom supports help to reduce stress on your mill.

These additional features will provide quality you can count on!

• Internal plumbing for efficiency and clean design.

• Round chest to aid in continuous flow of large amounts of grain.

• Large distributors with steam tubes located inside of the chest, provides consistent, even cook.

• Steam distribution inside chest creates maximum distribution of steam for a better consistent cook.

• Non-corrosive, strong, curved stainless steel flanged sections for easy installation.

• Durable and accessible service doors.

• Complete stainless-steel chest.

• Stainless steel outer protective skin.

• All insulated plumbing, to conserve energy and provide safety.

• Water repellent, improved rigid insulation with higher density.

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