July 12, 2018

Our flaker mills can be designed with complete automation, adding energy efficiency and nutrition precision, increasing output by 15% – 25%.

Flaker Mill Features:

  • Dual-Drive or Conventional-Drive Packages

  • R & R Adjustable Motor Mounts

  • Type-304 Stainless-Steel Roll Housing Covers

  • Type-304 Stainless-Steel Roll Housing Center Section

  • High-Quality Double-Row Spherical-Roller Main Bearings

  • Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Bearing Housings for optimal heat dissipation

  • Heavy Duty Square Block Housing for Precision Flake Weight Adjustments

  • Heavy-Duty Tension Springs and Hydraulic Accumulator Roll Protection'

  • Hydraulic Roll Open/Close System

  • Type-304 Stainless-Steel Peg Feeder with AC Variable-Speed Drives

  • Can Be Fully Automated

  • Leg Stands

  • Electronic Valves

January 26, 2018

Flaking grain is one of the ways feeders can increase the nutritional value of the grain fed to cattle. Flaking grains has proven benefits for both beef and dairy producers by increasing the digestibility of grain in the rumen. The digestibility of the flake is directly correlated to the flake weight, so the lighter the weight, the more digestible the flake becomes and more starch nutrients are absorbed in the rumen.

Steaming the grain before flaking enhances the nutritional value even more. This is where grain is poured into a large chamber and then hot moisture or steam is introduced. The grain is held for a period to absorb some of this hot moisture before flaking. According to Steve Armbruster, higher moisture content in the grain creates a flatter rolled flake and the starch is gelatinized as well, which makes it more availa...

January 7, 2018

We service rollers and mills in the most efficient, productive and cost effective manner in the industry. We service steam chest repair, grind and corrugate, and offer one day in/out service. We service anywhere in the U.S. including mill start-up and mill adjustments. Learn more and download our catalog.

All feed yard records of roll sizes, work completed, and work in process are kept digitally. Your equipment is labeled and stored in our shop. Inside storage prevents rust buildup on your rolls. All machine work is done in-house under stringent guidelines and close supervision. R&R is one of the few shops to have the ability to corrugate the smallest sizes of cracker rolls up to a 24” x 56” roll!

December 17, 2017

R&R Automation is the only one in the the industry that can automatically control flake weight by set points. It offers a consistent cook of grains, monitors and logs trends of operations of mill and steam chest, and can reduce labor expenses by 60 percent. Learn more and download our catalog.

November 19, 2017

To make money feeding animals, you need a good feed utilization and efficiency in operations. The Kan-Roll Roller Mills is the perfect solution for any high-volume feeding operation. It eliminates artificial drying, decreases field loss by 3-8 percent, and improves feeding efficiency. Learn more and download our catalog.

We get the job done quickly for two reasons. 

  1. Kan-Roll is built for trouble free operation. Ask someone who owns one. They'll tell you Kan-Roll Mills are very low maintenance. "Built to work, not work on!"

  2. We utilize the best technology available for processing feed grains. Kan-Roll Mills are made with 12" x 52" chill casted rolls and corrugated in a spiral cut.

November 7, 2017

R&R Machine had a great time with customers and vendors for training and tours to show our R&R Automation, Roller Mills, Steam Chest, and Grain Cleaners that all are the BEST in the industry. Also we were able to demonstrate our lots of our new equipment and CNC Corrugators to help keep R&R manufacturing and servicing our customers at the highest level,,,, Many Thanks!!

October 8, 2017

Easy to adjust and maintain, R & R Cracker Mills are built to last. Its sturdy enough for daily use at any feed yard or farm that needs a large or small volume of grain rolled, cracked or ground fine. Learn more and download our catalog.


September 17, 2017

Built with durable metals and stainless steel, our flaker mills will last feed after feed. Our product is designed with you in mind, and with complete automation, you'll have an energy efficient product that can create the right product for you. Learn more and download our catalog at our website.

Easy to adjust and maintain, R&R Flaker Mills are built to last!

R&R can add Automation to your R&R Flaker Mill!

August 20, 2017

Clean 30 tons of grain with our new R&R Grain Cleaner! With variable speeds, you'll be able to remove dirt, fines and grain scalping quickly and efficiently. Learn more about it in our new catalog or call us today!

Cleaning is thorough, and handling is gentle because of the unique rotary screen/auger design. As the drum rotates, three processes occur. First, the grain moves the length of the drum to the discharge end. Second, it moves laterally across the diameter of the drum. Third, it is constantly stirred so the grain passes over the screen repeatedly while it is moving directionally. Trash and fines are thoroughly removed from the grain with the fines being separated from larger screenings and grain and are deposited in separate chutes.

The R & R Machine Works grain cleaner can be installed anywhere since it is a non-vibrating...

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